My Chinese Name will hint on this site with Ivan Perng.

Hello this is Ivan Perng

My Chinese Name is Peng Hsiang Yu(彭祥瑀). I should often use that name in internet, because My Passport is that Chinese name. Ivan Perng is act on occupied and to development software service. Because that status I will hint my Chinese name, like as Ivan Perng | Peng Hsiang Yu. Inform everyone and tell my status of name to develop software service in internet.

Inform everyone that Ivan Perng and Peng Hsiang Yu are same one person, will keep the software service to implement LCOD and Ep-iLogic functionality. This information will not change user of any status and right to ….

Best regards

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Download EpiLogic v. is available.

Hello all

As title, user can download 20220924 EpiLogic v.


This version debug many problems, listed below:

  • Debug Point Link problem made cancel button will be continued to operate and to draw.
  • Unlock function on configure Form, user can set this checkbox to move porject on other PC.
  • Add more description of MessageDlg with status and confirm. Lib is not read only maybe [Lib /Republic] to confirm with user.
  • Update Chinese Pdf Document.
  • Debug option of object, when WEO@MACINE_NAME that is opened and limited at workstation, be bonded with machin. Control & Objects properly to be bonded by machine only ok.
  • Debug Lib Object that can not move inside objects made it read only.
  • Debug Lib Object that can not delete inside object when it is read only.
  • Change EULA of sentence for user’s email address notification.

This version, debug many problems, especially point link problem and read only status. When user have any question or status, please mail me and write message to know,

Thanks you.

Ivan Perng in Hsin-chu, Taiwan.