EP iLogic V1.1 EULA

EP iLogic V1.1 Personal Edition (End User License Agreement)


  • EP iLoigc CAD: One of projects in EP Office.
  • EP iLogic Viewer: One of projects which is limited of EP iLogic CAD in EP Office
  • EP iLogic: EP iLogic Viewer/CAD.
  • Personal Edition: Personal Use Only, one PC only for one account.
  • Standard Edition: This version is used in workstation with multi-user.
  • This Software: EP iLogic Viewer/CAD.
  • EULA: End User License Agreement, it is this document.
  • building i-Logic documents: *.ilg / *.ilgt files and Middleware of project.
  • ProductID: The records of registering production of starting code in epOffice notices.
  • epOffice: Simplified title of Author of ePenguin Office in the Internet. You can visit website <epoffice.blogsite.org> to get more information.
  • LCOD: Layer Conception of Documents
  • User: Application Engineer / System Integration / Use Configure & Procedure. They have installed and used EP iLogic, A man has an E-Mail.
  • Registered Identification: The epOffice has your information about registering form you.
  • Registered Middleware: Post and Record in WebPage, Registered Informaiton Page.
  • OpenUser: User works under evaluated opening status and is limited at workstation.
  • Operative System: The environment of the Regulation of Automative Institute.

EP iLogic V1.1 Personal Edition — EULA (End User License Agreement)

[Items of Agreement]
Please carefully read this EULA, when one user installs this software & EULA that meaning this user agrees those items below and uses ‘EP i-Logic Viewer/CAD’.

  1. Beta version must be used to test and evaluation.
  2. EP iLogic Viewer/CAD
    Copyright 2014-2015 ePenguin Office, All Rights Reserved.
    The author can add those items listed in this documents and put them on Web-Site. The Links is listed below:  http://blog.xuite.net/ivan05072006/epoffice
  3. EP i-Logic Viewer/CAD Personal Edition mainly provides personal education, research and personal software development. If user uses under many people version of user’s projects, the personal edition is not for this purpose. If user still want to, this software is not to sustain of this obligation of the damage and [Items 2 / 7].
  4. When EP iLogic Viewer/CAD Personal Edition is used into business version of user’s projects. To modify and to abuse damage something, this personal edition shall not be safety and not be to sustain of the obligation of the damage from un-authoring modified stuff.
  5. When EP iLogic is unregistered, this user shall be [Open User] that is shown at dialog, he/she owns the building i-Logic documents will be opened and no data lock after distribution. It will be shared of documents and view the content of them. When EP iLogic is registered status. Program shall record the information into documents and show the data at Dialog. User can not decode and modify those registered information and LCOD.
  6. One user have five times of registration of new confirmed code depends on user Registered Identification. One user is meaning that a man has an E-mail. When one user have over five times of registration, this program shall not be registered and then show dialog about deny. If user needs more registration of ProdcutID, that user must add his/her e-mail address to apply for.
  7. When User uses EP iLogic and exceeds operation will be easily unsure to be over of the damage, this user must be responsible of this statue of unsure operation to avoid the damage from defects & unsure dangerous.
  8. Registered Identification, shall be shown at the epOffice Web-Site, <http://blog.xuite.net/ivan05072006/epoffice> , Those Items of Registered Identification are *<Name>, *< e-mail>, *<Projects Name>, *<Register Count>. *<> must be shown.
  9. Those Items are restrictive(A-HN):
    • A. Selling EP iLogic CAD in your production,
    • B. Decode assembling,
    • C. FTP downloading,
    • D. Unknown information of self registering,
    • E. Using way of violence method,
    • FC. Use in violence of Military or program in violence of Military  by Middle-ware EULA and <Item 9-E>.
    • GN. Use at Attacking Devices or at Attacking Machines.
    • HN. Accessing illusion of relative machines/devices.

    Append: http://blog.xuite.net/ivan05072006/epoffice

    When there have any damage of business project,that user must be responsible of situation.


  • The user want to terminate license, please this user uninstall this software. The building i-Logic documents (LCOD directory) please will be forzen in your personal computer or the user delete them self.
  • When user raises [9-E] and illegal way.

    This is a releasing page about epOffice’s projects.   visit here to see what done here and version control with this blog .

Have nice days !!  Ivan Perng’s epOffice in HsinChu

More description please read  this page

This version is V1.1.28-4 20170409

EP iLogic V1.1.28-4 20170409 Personal Edition

Debug or News

EP iLogic V1.1.28 20170409 Personal Edition

Update#1_iLogic_V1.1.28   — Please replace executed files for update#1

  1. Add MapConnect
  2. CNT LineInFlag Probelm
  3. Debug Mapconnect link — Update#1

This version is V1.1.27-2 20170309

EP iLogic CAD V1.1.27-2  Personal Edition

We have much effort to release EP iLogic CAD V1.1.27-2.    This version debug problem You can download at blogsite.

One account in one PC , provide 30 days evaluation and testing.

  1.  correct TTF file

This version is V1.1.27-1 20170306

EP iLogic CAD V1.1.27-1  Personal Edition

We have much effort to release EP iLogic CAD V1.1.27-1.    This version debug many problems You can download at blogsite.

One account in one PC , provide 30 days evaluation and testing.

  1. The drawing of rectangle was modified ok.
  2.   Modify the contents of Contact us
  3.   Modify Manual Items.

This version is V1.1.26 20160228

EP iLogic CAD V1.1.26  Personal Edition

We have much effort to release EP iLogic CAD V1.1.26.    This version debug many problems You can download at blog site:    http://blog.xuite.net/ivan05072006/epoffice.

Debug Items:

  1. Func >>>  check Link Line, make it correct.
  2. Line array values Problem in Line configuration.
  3. decrease pointers while read from file, wirte to file function.


  • This verison is  V0.1.25
  • V0.1- meaning — LCOD   ( Layer Conception of  Decuments, you can go to http://www.epoffice.org&nbsp; to view information.
  • V0.1.25  this version we debug much status and refine the operative
  • Before installing or after installing  please contact us for registering  software ( ilgt / ilg ) .

Download #1  EP iLogic CAD V0.1.25_20150108

Currently  Issued

  1. More than 4 ( Func) will be malfunction while monitoring  that  can not receive value from Middleware.

This verison is  V0.1.25 Update#2


  1. Change PID gate   … User  build it self for each loop-system.
  2. Add the contents of Fixed items and introduce V0.2 standard edition.
  3. Change the string  about changing conception to “the” for researching  yourself.
  4. Remember to apply for registration.
  5. Copyright(c) 2014,2015 ePenguin Office, All rights reserved.
  6. This internal released no Viewer,  It includes  CAD,  the conception aided design only.

Download #1  EP iLogic V0.1.25 Update#2 20150207

Currently  Issued

  1. more than 4 ( Func) will be malfunction while monitoring  that  can not receive value from Middleware.

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