Power-Line, Service off, Temporary, Notification

    I am notified by TPC ( Taiwan Power Company). They will power off our line in 20201210, so We Power-Line,Serivce off Temporary, Notification.

Please every user know this status and notification, When It recovery I will post again this status to on-line service.  Thanks of your reading this situation and know the step what we want to.

I setup site2 and mirror this site information.

hello all

Several days I setup site 2 and mirror this site. That use clouldy server and url is twicss.wordpress.com. Because This site before was lag very much,so I decide and backup information this site to safety storage. Now I exchange page files of wordpress and change server database mariaDB. Now it is not lag too much and speed up the page display.

I also set up firewall to deny ip. now I found a range of ip/mask is abused to our site. Affer firewall it is disappeared, I have to tell reader, please if you want to post huge posts, you would mail me first and tell me why. I may prepare a forum site for your account.

I have long time no post news about ep ilogic cad viewer and tester. Now I am preparing new version of tester v1.2 , when it is finished, I will post new and download link to evaluation one month.

Thanks of your attention to watch this post and know the status. blogging…

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan