Change EULA and inform users …

Hello all

We change EULA and inform users, the change are listed below:

  1. EULA 1.2 Item8, “E-mail will be handled to” Change to “E-mail address will be written in”
  2. EULA 1.1 Item8, “E-mail will be handled to” Change to “E-mail address will be written in”
  3. Middlewares

From: please delete middle-ware under Item or get ProductID from epOffice.

Change to: please  get ProductID from epOffice.

Description: when you have to export Product and hardware, you have to remove the source code and well to service, so you have to type command “delete middle-ware” in Product, that is why listed Item-5 to development. After modification, user could do determination of service product self and well to automation.

Tester is going to release in Standard Version.

Hello all

I listen radio and know the user status, that tester in needs. so I plan tester version to be released in future. It will be continuous of FType =4 and isolation of the project/ *.iigt files, so tell user that there have requirement and well to profit. so CAD will not disappear in Standard Version (Personal Use Purpose), so when user want to draw the diagram with CAD please use Personal Edition to implement.

When user want to test the diagram and LCOD please import from Personal Edition Project file and *.ilgt to do well test will make stable and security for requirement. so please use waiting the new version of Standard Version ( Personal Use Purpose) .

I consider of license status that it is properly to bond the machine well to operation of document. User will see [WEO@Machine_Name], that document is bonded by Machine. that machine are reserved and use lcod to make sure of all rights. WEO is [Evaluated Opening User in Workstation], so please when you release or production, need to consider of license of ProductID… Tell user to apply for.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Trend Micro, PC-cillin Service Said, “It is no problem”



PC-cillin scan problem will list the doubts of software, our EP iLogic is listed, so I did contact their service and send software to test and to certificate of their system. That service said “It is no problem”, They always will doubt software and list the event to user confirmation by download counts, it mean that software must be download more than amount of count to be normal. So inform everyone and tell user that is safety. I wrote the name and tell my name and phone number below (chinese), you could call me when you have any situation and status need to tell.


各位好  公佈事項

     趨勢科技 掃毒程序會將 EP iLogic CAD 列為懷疑對象,經由電話客服聯絡以及傳送程式檢查事宜後,他們說明這軟體沒有問題。他們懷疑政策是在於使用人數需要過門檻才不會列入。所以通知各位使用者,使用 EP iLogic CAD 在隱私政策下,是沒有問題的。 

以上請各位安心使用 CAD 軟體。



彭祥瑀  0983116186


EULA of EP iLogic V1.1 FE is from V1.2

Hello all

I develop Free Edition that is used V1.2 EULA into that edition, because new EULA is more description and properly to use in install-shield. It almost copy from v1.2 so, remind everyone that it is almost same as current version. Why I use new version into V1.1 , Because that is Personal Edition (Personal Use Only) now add Free status. When user know that news that meaning Free edition no charge and no limited trial day. Limited 300 objects and full functions. And another purpose is for education and personal software development.

Please user read EULA V1.1 Free Edition to know more, if user have any limited items need to inform us, please write to me and write the items of your specific yields and will be attachment to EULA. This is very important to develop for security and safety. Remind user and [private & policies] also be written in eula. This also inform user , please use middle-ware there have to add label on your environment when designing for keeping user’s status and safety. It is welcome to comments and e-mail to me , we could made you install and develop middle-ware & CAD well and easy, if you have any problems and status to write. Thanks of your corporation.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Tester of EpiLogic will be continuous of file type FType = 4.

Hello all

The project will be continuous that keep going on developing Ftype = 4 mode. First I have to say I must stable the personal edition version and then to start the standard edition. so current version of V1.2.29 CAD version ( personal use only) will be put into personal edition (1.1.29) and free use while evaluation, that personal edition is finally (Debug) to complete our purpose of development.

Ep iLogic Tester , the feature lists below:

  1. Template & Lib files (*.ilgt) are Isolation file, user can not copy out to extra machine use.
  2. File-Check and Add Check Sum for [Template]/[Lib]/[Project File]
  3. Tester can import the [Template][Lib] file from [Personal Edition] file.
  4. Tester for Application Hardware Execution.

so please waiting our develop to new version, get information of the structure of development and the relation will be easily job for your programming.

Thank you.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.