We create BuildingMode to Modify Diagram…

Hello all

Today I decide to add Building mode to record data of diagram. That meaning There are [Architecture] [Republic] [Lib / Republic] Three modes let use to choice in Config From. So user know their status to modify the current diagram and made other know and discussion. Especially Lib and modify of relation is very complex need to define status by user and be response the reaction in future. When user have any opinions or any question please let me know and keep going on the development of CAD / Tester…..

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Trend Micro, PC-cillin Service Said, “It is no problem”


PC-cillin scan problem will list the doubts of software, our EP iLogic is listed, so I did contact their service and send software to test and to certificate of their system. That service said “It is no problem”, They always will doubt software and list the event to user confirmation by download counts, it mean that software must be download more than amount of count to be normal. So inform everyone and tell user that is safety. I wrote the name and tell my name and phone number below (chinese), you could call me when you have any situation and status need to tell.


各位好  公佈事項

     趨勢科技 掃毒程序會將 EP iLogic CAD 列為懷疑對象,經由電話客服聯絡以及傳送程式檢查事宜後,他們說明這軟體沒有問題。他們懷疑政策是在於使用人數需要過門檻才不會列入。所以通知各位使用者,使用 EP iLogic CAD 在隱私政策下,是沒有問題的。 

以上請各位安心使用 CAD 軟體。



彭祥瑀  0983116186




Know Issues with EP iLogic V1.1.28

Date:  20191108

Program:  EP iLogic CAD

Version:   V1.1.28.4048(CAD)   V1.1.28.3885(Viewer)

FileName:     iLogic.exe   iLogic_Viewer.exe

Issued Lists:

  1. “Template save as…” with Read Only function is not work  for CAD/Viewer.
  2. SetValue function is not suited properly for CAD/Viewer.
  3. Libs inside modification of data will be wrong with link line.
  4.  [ivan05072006@gmail.com] [ivan1022006@gmail.com]   The two of wrong e-mail do not be used.
  5. Point’s Name is used in-convenience.
  6. Delete non-used objects will effect of compiled result.
  7. Log  not do record.
  8. Register Form can not open !!
  9. Group inside can not be used Line-Type of Array Line Status.
  10. Undo/Redo is unstable.
  11. Viewer,  can  link line and node.
  12. After downloading,  User modify documents will be abnormal while monitoring.
  13. Libs/Func’s lines of gap need more width/height.
  14. Register Form of applying ProductID, need to be typed more twice.
  15. Line Dialog can not match Libs inside line label.
  16. Frame Count of Download can not be configured for next time.
  17. When there are different devices under communication, It did not show message to tell.
  18. When the document is large than device’s buff,  It did not show message to tell.

Answer Issues:

  1. New file version will be refine.  Please do not modify libs inside.
  2. Set Value please just do test and evaluation.  New file verion will be refine.
  3. Please Libs inside do not modify,  next new version will be forbidden situation of Tester
  4. Please do not use the two wrong e-mail,  please e-mail to   ivan10232006@gmail.com.
  5. New file version will be refine.  make it convenience.
  6. After delete object (just hide) , please do not create object in same position about link line.
  7. New file version will open that.
  8. please use OpenOffice to open that shortcut ( Register Form),  Next version will be used *.rtf file.
  9. Please use it by releasing group for Line-Type of Array Line Status.
  10. Please turn off Undo/Redo checked in configure form,  new version will be refine.
  11. It should be not modified ,  Viewer can not link line and node.   Next version will be refine.
  12. After downloading, please user do not modify documents for monitoring again. It should warning message to user.
  13. New version will be refine ,  smaller pointer and more width/height for lines of Libs/Func.
  14. Next version will be refine.
  15. This version do not be modified Libs inside.
  16. Next version will be refine.
  17. It has this functions, but it is not certainly to display.
  18. It has this functions, but it is not certainly to display.