dca-server is not connected , temporarily.


Today we can not link to dca server, because router is broken by water of raining. So tomorrow I will buy one router to replacement, and select Giga bits of type to perform the network. Please wait us to recovery the network problem. Inform everyone. If you have any problem about epOffice please mail me ivan10232006@gmail.com thanks the feedback.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, in Taiwan

Hello world! Refresh Our Site

Hello all

Today I refresh this site information, to newly server, because the site before response is very slowly, so I decide to change server page and refresh information. Now It returns normal response and no lag more time.

Below message is refreshing our newly site. Tell me to start first post this site and post exists article before.

<<Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!>>

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu.

Ivan Perng is on going with epOffice.xuite & ivan05072006

Hello all,

Because yahoo accout of ivan05072006 is not going to login into xuite, so ivan perng is on going with epOffice.xuite, Page redirect to and add to ivan perng blog, keep reporting and news to be willing mail and blogging, finally state & status will bring up the feature and specific conception between you and specified field of certaintly information to your business.

Chinese: [分析場服務報告系統]     English:[Report and analysic system for public specific field/yield]

Ivan Perng, in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Home page , Changed List !!

1  Application Engineer   –>   Assistence Engineer (AE)

2. this version will “be put”  here  –>   will “be upload”  to this blog.

3. extensive of hardware –>  extensive of calculation

4. Integrated System / Module Design (SI)  –>  Virtual Device / Module Design (SI)

5. Monitor State –>  monitor status

6. Provide Arduino Project to  –>  Provide  Virtual Device Project to

7. are all rights  –>    are rights and reserved.

8. Provide ProductID  –>   Reserved Registration of ProductID.