Rename Protocol tools to Commlabel

Hello user

This message I inform user that I rename Protocol tools to Commlabel .. this name currently was not used and registered, so I set that name to use, currently tools are supporting Rs232 and ethernet, please waiting our next version let you have abilities to handle and analytic code and command to make sure they are right and running ok. I will also write epCode Protocol to preform the device… When user have any problem or status , please mail me when you want to understand and requirement,

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Download EpiLogic v. is available.

Hello all

As title, user can download 20221210 EpiLogic v.


This version debug many problems, listed below:

  • Debug Logic object mismatch of line position.
  • Debug Point object mismatch of line position.
  • Debug FuncName display problem.
  • SetLength and DValueLen are useful from middleware.

This version, debug many problems, especially draw & delete problem and display. When user have any question or status, please mail me and write message to know,

Thanks you.

Ivan Perng in Hsin-chu, Taiwan.

DCA was changed to Store site.

Hello all

This site is blog of epOffice | twicss, so the DCA site was changed to Store,it will hide posts and relative post-links, to decrease of loading when read blog, so when user want to read blog, please link this site cloudy service, it is fast and stable to view and to read. Inform everyone to know our sites and well understand the requirement when reading.

Thank of your supporting and keeping going on read will bring up you embedded middleware successfully and have a nice day to development.

Best regards

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.