Memory leak and FreeMem, Status report …

Hello all,

Today I write this topic about my progress, I am facing the problem of memory leak, I can not find the procedure of memory leak to Free-Mem. I mean I get status from objects of ancestor and after Free-Mem,closing program, that memory is not free. So I try many codes and status to reduce the memory. I found the much spare of memory program occupy, so I reduce the Segment Size of arrangement to solve the spare of using. I draw Layer-8 of three Libs to test, before modify, the loading it needs 605MB memory. Now It only needs 201MB. Memory leak of each form about 100MB. That is my progress…

When free memory from ancestor, I think It have limited status of memory to use that, so I should study more to have conclude. After studying or more testing I will keep going on this topic.

Ivan Peng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Author: ivan10232006, epOffice | twicss Projects, Nikon D80 Photo Albums.

One thought on “Memory leak and FreeMem, Status report …”

  1. Hello all

    Today, I write the Memory Manager functions to be counting, so I can know where the code is not non-free-memory. This Issue is resolved. now program will free memory of closing form and after closed will be 20,000k memory only. I did many time reload the huge file, it was OK and stable after free memory. Tell the new to user, please user use new version when you are drawing with huge diagrams.

    Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.


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