Bug Report — 20191026 — Another the resolve

This resolve will be used in any FrameCount you set up in downloader of EP iLogic. 

[Another the resolve]
case 0x6A:
{    static int MaxInfoLen=0;
     unsigned char i,infolen;
     if( (pld->LgInfoPos+StartAddr*MaxInfoLen+infolen)>(EEP_SIZE+100) ) {
       *pSend = 0x82; pSend++; SendLen++;
     } else {
       *pSend = 0x80; pSend++; SendLen++;
     *pSend = (StartAddr & 0xFF00) >> 8;    pSend++; SendLen++;
     *pSend = StartAddr;                    pSend++; SendLen++;
     infolen = *Code;  Code++;
     if( MaxInfoLen < infolen)  MaxInfoLen = infolen;
     for(i=0 ; i<infolen ; i++) {
       my_eeprom_write_byte( pld->LgInfoPos+  StartAddr*MaxInfoLen+i  ,*Code );  Code++;

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